Saturday, November 26, 2011

So Thankful.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We flew to Florida to spend the week with my family. The weather was perfect! Nora loved being outside, going for walks, and swimming. My baby is a fish! To say she was adored by my family is an understatement. She is the star of the show!

It's crazy to reach these holidays and milestones and to think that we didn't have Nora at this time last year. Yes, I was very pregnant, but we didn't know how our baby's personality would be and what an easygoing, happy, and dare I say dramatic :) baby girl she would be. We are incredibility blessed.

Here are some pics of my little turkey on her First Thanksgiving.

I love that last picture of Nora. Can we say attitude? She was over the photos and wanting some food!!

My Aunt Dana made the little picture recap. It is too cute not to share. Thanks Auntie Dana!!

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