Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Baby Sister - 21 weeks

Another week has gone by! Over half way there to meeting our baby girl. This post is actually a day or two late but we've had a couple snow days and I basically stayed in old leggings and sweaters. I had to wait until I was showered and dressed to take a weekly picture. The belly keeps on growing!

Baby Sister at 21 weeks-

Size of baby? She is about 3/4 lb and 10.5 inches long. She is about the length of a long carrot! A side note about this week, her eyebrows and eyelids have formed.

Total weight gain- 7 lbs. Yep. Apparently I'm above average in the one pound a week weight gain :). I looked back to see where I was with Nora at this point and I was at 7 lbs. Crazy. So far, my body is pretty much the same this pregnancy.

Maternity Clothes? yes!

Sleep? some nights are better than others.

Symptoms? occasional headaches and just some overall tenderness. I'm trying to be more aware of what I am picking up and how I am lifting it (for example, a 30lb toddler!)

Gender? Baby Girl. We are pretty close to finalizing her name. Just need to commit to a middle name.

Movement? Yes- especially at night.

Food cravings? The only thing I can think of is steak. Its been too cold to use the grill so I feel like we haven't had red meat in a while. Chris and I both craved steak over the weekend and treated ourselves to a nice dinner out.

What I miss? Not too much.

Best Moment of the Week? Chris and I had a great date night this past weekend. It was lovely to eat dinner without a toddler sitting on my lap. Yep- it's her new thing. She has to sit on my lap and then give me snuggles as she eats. Not the worse thing in the world :)

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  1. you are so adorable! thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. i totally noticed you and your sweet girl at chick fil a. hilarious!