Sunday, February 24, 2013

This week in iPhone pics.

I take way too many picture with my phone. I need to get better with grabbing my good camera but the phone is always right there.

Here is a little photo update via the iphone from the past week or so.

I love that most of my KC friends are at the same stage of life we are. Here are a few of my favorite kiddos.
Sienna, her newborn brother Brett, Nora and Teddy. The infamous Teddy. This picture cracks me up because Teddy looks like a giant. Nora, of course, had to hold him!

We have a climber! She is on everything!

The biggest news around here is the snowstorm. We has about a foot last week. Pretty at first but we are over it. And expecting a ton more this week!

Nora wants absolutely nothing to do with the snow. She hates it! She did try on Daddy's snow boots on our snow day. Majority of her day was spend prancing around in her heels. They got so much use, the cracked down the middle. Well made obviously.

We love to bake at our house. And I've had such a sweet tooth lately. So when I found these Minnie Mouse cookies at the store this week, they were a must. Nora loved placing them on the pan and eating her 'mouse' cookies.

This picture is kind of hard to see but it makes me smile. Nora is getting to be such a little girl but she still sleeps with her hiney in the air like she did as an infant.

Lounging in Mom and Dad's bed watching The Beats. Life is good.

Chris and I had a great date night on the Plaza this past weekend. All of the snow was moved to huge mounds in the middle of the street. There were a few of these on every block. Crazy.

And lastly, the laundry basket is the perfect place for a reading break. I should also note that Nora has become very opinionated about what she wears- notice the puppy shirt, jammies and orange bow. This is not the outfit she started the day in but she demanded on wearing it after her nap. I pick my battles and she won this time...and we weren't leaving the house :).

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