Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Baby Sister - 23 weeks

This pregnancy is going by so fast! We must be in denial about Baby Sister because we haven't really done anything to get ready for her arrival. Actually, does buying a few matching sister outfits count?? Forget the crib! The girls are set for Fourth of July for next year! Ha!

Here is my weekly update!

And we are keeping it real with the pictures this week :). Almost impossible to take a picture with an active two year old!

Baby Sister at 23 weeks-

Size of baby- Baby Girl is over 11 inches long and right over one pound. She is about the size of a mango (that makes no sense at all!). Her hearing is becoming more keen and she can hear what we hear, just not on the same level.

Total Weight Gain? 7 lbs. Somehow I lost a pound last week.

Maternity clothes? Yes!

Sleep? Ugh. Not great lately.
Nora and I actually slept in until 8am on Monday after the time change. It was wonderful and never happens.

Symptoms? The heartburn is starting! I had this with Nora as well.

Gender? Baby Girl!

Movement? I have definitely felt stronger kicks this week. Finally! Funny side story: Nora has been putting her hand on my belly saying 'sister! No. Sleepy' ha! She hasn't felt her move and likes to tell me Sister is sleeping. Top cute.

Food Cravings? I made brownies yesterday. No self control.

What I miss? Maybe just sleep but I've actually been feeling really good lately

Best Moment of the Week? Just lots of little moments with my family. Nora keeps me on my toes and I wouldn't have it any other way!

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