Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weekend Photo Dump

We had a pretty uneventful weekend but somehow I still managed to take a lot of pictures.

On Friday, we had gorgeous weather! I think it hit 80. We spent quite a bit of time outside. It was wonderful buy short lived. Back to the 30's/40's for the weekend.

Of course she wanted nothing to do with taking a picture with me...

This next photo cracks me up. She dragged her cheap, plastic chair inside and sat there just wishing she was still outside.

I think I mentioned that we are putting our house on the market. We rented a dumpster this week to start the cleaning process. It feels great to finally get organized.

Nora and Snickers waited by the door all morning for the 'trash truck' to come.

Chris being a ham. I told him that this picture was definitely going on the

Nora's contribution to the dumpster- a sprinkler toy and a band aid. Ha! And the toy was actually not trash :)

Most of the time, Nora just sat in car and supervised...

A lot of our weekend was spent organizing and cleaning. Someone thought it was fun to play in her old mesh bath tub. There are many things in our house (including her clothes and shoes!) that I have to keep reminding Nora are for Baby Sister.

Nora is so into coloring lately!

Notice all her bracelets. She loves her jewelry!

Lastly, I had a major craving for TCBY yesterday. Nora was happy to help me with this craving. This could get dangerous this summer!

She did make me trade spoons so she could have the pink one...Girly Girl!!

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