Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Life Lately

Once again it's almost been a week since my last post! How is that possible? My goal is to blog more regularly and not just have the blog be a baby update. Here's a little bit of what's been going on lately.

Nora and I took a last minute trip to Naples. I found cheap tickets and had to book them. Since Nora just turned 2, this was my first time buying her a ticket. Talk about sticker shock. Totally worth it though. There was a cold front when we were in Naples. It was definitely not bathing suit weather but still gorgeous at 65 and sunny. When we left KC, it was snowing. I'll take Naples' cold front any day. I was even able to jog outside! Haven't done that in months. To say that Nora is the center of attention when we're in FL is an understatement. Nora LOVES it there! And is always so well behaved (not surprising when she's getting everything she could ever want when we're there). It was a great, low-key, quick get-away for us.

Nora, her Wiwi (my sister Whitney) and ice cream. Life is good.

Warm enough to swing outside!

Nora, Wahini and Baby Teddy. I'm not sure if she loves Teddy or Hini more.

Nora has recently started a little ballet class with her friend, Lauren. It's only 30 minutes on Saturday morning. If you know my child at all, she is not a big fan of new situations. She doesn't cry or anything..she just usually chooses not to participate in class. She just sits on her little piece of tape and doesn't move. And then we go home and she says she loves ballet and sings a few of the songs and does the coordinating movement. Just wonderful. The best part of ballet for Nora is getting to wear her tutu every week. This past week, Nora actually participated more! She does things on her own time..and that is more than fine. I couldn't get over how cute Nora and Lauren looked in their black leotards this past week. Getting a picture was almost impossible though. That's probably the teacher's hand telling them it's not time for the end of class sticker yet :)

Our life is about to get pretty crazy. We've decided to sell our house and move before Baby Sister comes. I'm actually really excited for these next steps. I couldn't picture us having a second child in our house. We are going to push ourselves really hard the next 2-3 weeks to get our house on the market. We have a huge dumpster being delivered on Friday. We are so ready to get rid of junk. We are just praying that our house will sell fast and we will end up in the right home for our growing family. My major project will be my clothes. I need to get rid of a ton of things! I will probably be making several trips to the consignment store.

I had several work events last week and I'm looking forward to this low-key week (besides moving stuff!). Stay tuned for a bump update! This baby is getting bigger by the hour!!

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