Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mid-Week Randoms

Not that any of my loyal readers care BUT here is what is on my mind this week...

- It's Spring Break in KC. That means absolutely nothing if you're not in school or don't have school age children. The only thing it meant to me is that I had to rearrange my childcare. Our daycare/sitter is in Cabo with her daughter and a group of friends. So jealous. My sister-in-law was kind enough to watch Nora yesterday and Chris' cousins are with her today. And I'm taking tomorrow off. Just a short two day work week for me (as opposed to three!). And my hours were a little shorter this week. I got in about 9am and have left about 4pm...Like I always say, my company is lucky to have me. HaHa.

-I may need to cut back on the pregnancy treats. I had yet another Swiss Cake Roll today. Those things are amazing. I blame my mother for my sweet tooth..I inherited hers. I did run/walk three miles yesterday and work out with a trainer today but still...cut back!

- Speaking of food...I'm slightly obsessed with these. Any one try them? They are so good! The texture is totally different than a regular Triscuit. Chris and Nora are not fans. No worries- more for me.

- I have a few nice pieces of maternity clothing from when I was pregnant with Nora. The problem is that the seasons are off, Winter vs. Spring. We have a couple weddings, showers and of course, Easter coming up. I was in need of a few new maternity dresses. I saw this one online and thought it was really pretty. I'm thinking about this for Easter with some turquoise jewelry. I can't wait to get it in the mail.

- We are finally going to buy some furniture for Baby Sister. Our initial plan was to move Nora to a full or twin bed with rails before the baby comes but Nora is just not ready. She has shown no interest in getting out of her crib. Her crib converts to a toddler bed then is a head/foot board for a full size bed. We've decided to just buy a second convertible crib for Baby Sister and just eventually change Nora's out to a toddler bed when she's ready. We are not going to buy a second large glider/ottoman though. It will be hard not having one in Nora's room because we use it before every nap and at bed time but two gliders is just not practical. I'll probably try and find some smaller chair for Nora's room...

- It's supposed to be really cold, rainy and snowy for the next several days in KC. Ugh. I'm ready for Spring and lots of walks outside. And possibly a spray tan.

- Several of my girlfriends are going to Napa this weekend for a Bachlorette Party. This preggo could just not do it. That is one trip that you can't take pregnant. The group is throwing a little Honeymoon Shower for the bride while they are there. I'm sending these chocolates out as a little surprise. If you live in KC, these are from Annedore's. I use them all the time for work and they do the most creative things! It's a corset, boxer short and a heart.

- I finally got the iPhone 5. I took it to Verizon today to have everything transferred from my old phone and it's still there...going on 5.5 hours! I now know that I need to do a better job at removing pictures from my phone. Lesson learned. I've felt lost without my phone all day!

That's about as random as you get...Hope you all are having a good mid-week!

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