Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday

Sorry for the delay in posting! We have had the craziest week!! I'll explain more below. I'm also several days late for my 7 Month Bump Update! That will probably come tomorrow. Here's what been happening with us this week.

- We put our house on the market this past Saturday. I worked my tail off the week before getting it ready for the pictures and showings. The listing hit Saturday morning and we immediately got two calls for showings that day. Chris was playing golf so I had to rush home, grab Snickers and kill some time while people were at the house. We ended up going through the Chick-fil-a drive through and eating lunch at the park. It was a crazy morning but I didn't want to turn any showings down the first day on the market. We had one more showing on Sunday and thankfully Chris was with me that day. We just killed time by walking the neighborhood and playing at the park. The showing took a LONG time but payed off...We had a full-price offer on our house on Sunday afternoon!! We feel so fortunate about this! We thought the house would sell fast but never thought it would go for full price in about one day!

When you have house showings, you need to eat on the go! And yes, it was very windy out! Please also notice that she had to have two Teddy's with her that day.

- We are in the process of completing an offer on another house! If everything goes as planned, we will move from our house directly to the new house the weekend of May 17. It's going to be here so fast. We are so relieved that we will be (somewhat) settled before Baby Sister arrives!

- I should also note that Chris was in Dallas for work while all the house negotiating was going on. He never travels for work and it was crazy trying to get everything signed with him gone.

- A pregnancy update is coming soon but I can't believe how soon Baby Sister will be here. One of my friends is due in 7 weeks and I was shocked when she told me that because it means I'm due in 10/11 weeks. Wow. With that said, I'm ready to snuggle a newborn again!

- I'm doing a reading in a good friend's wedding this weekend. She was so nice to include me in all the bridesmaid events. I can't wait to get ready with my friends on Saturday. That's my favorite part about being in a wedding. I love being there when the Bride gets ready. And who am I kidding, I love having my make-up done too! I have no clue what I'm wearing yet, that's another to come next week.

- I think I cursed myself with writing a post on how the two's aren't so terrible. We have had a ton of tantrums lately. Wow. Nora had the biggest tantrum at the grocery store this week because she didn't want to get out of the shopping cart that was a little car. She has never wanted to sit in those carts but HAD to on this day. I couldn't get her out. I only had one bag so I figured that I would just carry the bag and Nora out of the store. Bad idea. Just picture my 7 month pregnant self basically on the ground trying to drag a screaming child out of the cart. I was THAT mom. All I could do was laugh or else I would probably cry. Nora has never acted worse in public. Of course, as soon as we got home and she saw her Daddy, she was perfect. Typical two year old.

- I rarely have pictures of Chris and me. I posted this on instagram so it's a repeat but I had to take advantage of us being dressed up for a wedding sans a screaming toddler!

- That's all the random thoughts I can handle right now. It's been quite the week with putting the house on the market, selling it and purchasing a new one. Hope you all are having a good week!

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