Thursday, April 4, 2013

Two..and not so terrible.

I've been wanting to do a little update on Miss Nora. She is currently 26 months old (just a little over 2). You always hear of the Terrible Two's and I wasn't sure exactly what to expect with our first born. Don't get me wrong, Nora most definitely has her moments but overall, I LOVE this stage. She makes me laugh all day long. She can be so sweet and loving and then at the next moment have the most dramatic tantrum you can imagine. I know I'm her mom and I'm partial but I sometimes just look at her and can't believe how cute she is. That little face! I literally can't get enough of it (unless that little face is having a melt down and then I'm fine leaving the room). Here are a few things that I always want to remember about this particular stage of life.

- Nora is obsessed with baby dolls. All of her babies are named Teddy. Except for one - her name is Emma. That's only because it's on the clothes that the doll came with. And trust me, Nora knows what it means when there is a name or monogram on an outfit :). If she had only one toy to play with, it would be a baby. She doesn't leave home without Teddy and a bottle (sometimes a little toy potty too..I pick my battles). There are many, many times that I look at her in the back seat of the car and she is gently patting her baby's back, telling me that the baby is tired. So sweet.

- Because she has such a love for babies, she is really getting into Baby Sister. She is starting to really notice my bump can you miss it?!? She constantly comes up to me, touches my stomach and says 'Baby Sleeping'. She also tells me that she is going to rock, burp and sing 'Up Above' (twinkle, twinkle little star) to the baby when she comes. And that Sister with have a purple paci. Random. I know she is going to be a great big sister. Since we are keeping the baby's name a secret, we haven't even told Nora. She would blab it to everyone. So, Nora proudly tells everyone that the baby's name is Sister!

- Nora can be very, very shy in new situations or around new people. Prime example - ballet class. It took her weeks to even get out of my lap. Then we would get home after class and she would sing the songs and do the motions. She takes it all in and then when she's comfortable, she will participate. If we're at a class of some sort, most other moms comment that she is so quiet, never talks, so shy, etc. Sometimes this is frustrating to me. I have to remind myself that this is just who she is.  My mom said I was the exact same way. She will do things in her own time.

- She is potty trained! A lot of people are surprised to learn this. I knew she was ready for a while and decided to do it on a free weekend a couple weeks before she turned two. I'm not going to lie, the first couple days were rough and I questioned myself if I started too early. But then on day 4, it just clicked. She never looked back. She has yet to have an accident someplace. I still carry a change of clothes in my bag but she has done so great with this. She is still in a diaper at night time and the doctor said that will last a while. And no surprise here...she is very opinionated about what panties she wears every day! It takes her several minutes to pick out Minnie or Dora or Ponies. I'm trilled that this is one thing we can check off our parenting check list.

- Nora is a girly, girl and I LOVE it. I'm such a girly girl too. She hates to get dirty, loves to wear jewelry, 'make-up', and believe it or not, asks for a bow before she even steps out of her room in the morning. Some of my friends laugh at me because of how girly we are. A Tomboy would probably be really good for me! ha! We will see what Baby Sister is like. For now though, I'm enjoying every second with my girly girl.

- Nora is really into cooking and baking. She loves to sit on the counter and 'help' me make anything. She is even happy sitting on the kitchen floor with bowls, spoons and dry noodles. One of her favorite books is Pinkalicious and I think this started her love for baking (esp. cupcakes!). It's a fun activity that we can do together. And let's be honest, this preggo is never one to turn down a baked good. I tend to bake a lot when I'm pregnant!

- The tantrums. Wow. Luckily they are few and far between these days but you never know what will set her off. The other day she was hanging on the bathroom sink (it's attached to the wall). She completely lost it when I had to remove her from the bathroom. How dare I? Well, that little tantrum lasted over 20 minutes. It involved screaming, throwing herself on the floor, being a wet noodle when I tried to lift her, etc. Can we say dramatic? When these tantrums happen, I have found that the best thing to do is scoop her up and hold her tight in my arms (after punishing her that is). Time outs don't work so well for Nora right now. She needs to be removed from the situation to be calmed down. I'm not an expert by any means and some people may think I shouldn't do that but it's what she needs. She knows she did something wrong. She knows I'm mad. And I think taking a little break to calm down and comfort her is an okay thing to do. Luckily these don't happen every day but when they do, watch out world.

- Nora makes us laugh all day long. Some of the things that come out of her mouth are hysterical. She not talking in full sentences but you can totally understand what she's trying to say. She has a sense of humor for sure. Gets that from Chris. She is so expressive and dramatic in a good way. She is such a joy to us. Usually I can't get enough of her personality throughout the day!

We are truly blessed to call Nora ours. I don't know what we did to deserve her. I can't wait to see her in the role of Big Sister! And can't wait to see how she continues to grow and change in different stages.

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