Thursday, May 9, 2013

Life Lately...via the iPhone

To say we have been busy is an understatement. When most people find out we sold our house fast, bought a second house equally fast and are moving before this baby comes; the crazy looks start to come. In all honesty, this past month has been insane but we are so fortunate that everything has worked out the way it has. We move next Friday! That was 30 days from putting our house on the market. Talk about fast. Our days and nights have been filled with inspections, paperwork, packing, cleaning, more paperwork, and more packing. All that on top of working, being with Nora and trying to just live our normal life. We are so excited for this next chapter in our life and can't wait to bring Baby Sister home to a (somewhat) settled new house!

Here is our life according to my phone.

Our new home! The outside will be painted a lighter color before we move in.

Nora spends a lot of time decorating our boxes. She's just doing her part to help with the move.

The weather has been great (besides last week when it snowed...on May 2!!!) and we've been enjoying a lot of outside time. Popsicles anyone? This is the face I get when I ask Nora to give her her 'pretty' face. Yes, she certainly is pretty!

Play date lunch outside with Ellen and Patrick

Nora and George playing drums on a picnic table. 

Nora is still in her dance class. I'm not going to lie - she doesn't love it. She LOVES wearing every week and then singing the songs and doing the dances after class in the privacy of her own home but during the actual 30 minute class, she's not a huge fan. Her friend Lauren takes the class with her. Lauren is below in the black tutu with Nora. These pictures basically sum up dance class for Nora and Lauren.

The girls are totally in their own world and could care less about what the teacher is doing. Please notice the girl in the pink tutu...she knows every dance move and does them with the teacher, during the class. Hmmm..apparently, that didn't rub off on my child! We only have a week or two of dance left because we are taking the summer off...too much other stuff to do once the pool opens.

There are so many little things that happen around our house that have us laughing all day long. Below is a perfect example. Meet Owl. Chris thought it would be a brilliant idea to buy a plastic owl to scare off the birds. Apparently the birds would wake him up first thing in the morning. To say that someone in our house was obsessed with Owl was an understatement. Let the pictures do the talking...

Nora and Owl playing on the stairs together.

Just pushing Owl in the stroller with my babies..

And lastly...
Can't forget Owl when we leave to go somewhere!

I still crack up when I see this pictures! Luckily the Owl obsession only lasted a day or two.

More outside time!
Here is how Nora plays in a sandbox:

Plays on the 'edge' to make sure she doesn't get too dirty and sand doesn't get in her shoes. Totally my child.

I doubt I'll ever get around to do a full Easter post but wanted to share a couple more pictures from the day.

Nora wanted to pose with the fake dog that Julie has at her house.
(PS-Just try to ignore the horrible angle and how large I look in this picture)
Love this picture.

One last picture from my photo dump:

Babies? Check. Bow? Check. Jewelry? Check. Mom's shoes? Check.
Clothing? Not so much.

I don't know what I would do without my phone. I love capturing these little, everyday moments.

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