Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Life Lately.

Life lately has been pretty insane. It was a huge blessing to sell and buy a new house in such a short time but wow, life has been busy! We are pretty settled in the new house. But after Nora goes to bed, Chris and I still find ourselves doing so much. Lots of cleaning, organizing, laundry, etc. I'm looking forward to the days when I can just sit on the couch holding a newborn..and have a toddler next to me begging to hold Sister :).

Here is a huge photo dump of what our life looks like lately.

Let's start with some new house photos.

The house was originally an eggplant purple on the bottom half. It was horrible. That was one thing we changed before we moved in. Almost every neighbor on the block has come up and said thank you for painting it. By the way, we have a great block full of kids!

We have a pretty small backyard but it's very charming.

This furniture was on our front porch at our old house and we didn't use it much but now we use it all the time. It looks so much better at this house.

We like to sit outside in the evenings. Nora usually keeps running back inside to bring out more toys. Notice the puppy and baby doll.

One thing we love about this house is the open floor plan downstairs.

Nora immediately found her spot at the kitchen island. PS- LOVE having and island in the kitchen. We didn't have that before.
I will post more pictures of the inside as time goes on...

This is a little out of order but I wanted to include this picture taken on our last night in our first home.
Classic. Love it for so many reasons. Nora is a disaster. The fruit snack bribe in her hand did not work. Our babysitter took this picture and I'm pretty she now thinks we are the best parents ever. Ha!

Chris and I celebrated our Five Year Anniversary on May 24.

We had the best meal at our favorite restaurant - Gram & Dun. I definitely recommend it if you're in KC. Five years, two baby girls (practically) and a new home. We've been busy!

Nora takes after me and loves to be outside at the pool. The pool opened Memorial Day weekend and we spent the whole weekend there.

Our pool has this great baby pool that Nora can walk all the way to the end of. It's completely shaded and I can just park myself on the edge in the sun to watch her. She did want to go in the 'big pool' this past weekend so that meant that I got in her with her and threw her in the air about 1,000 times.

And a trip to the pool wouldn't be complete without lunch. Nora usually has her face pressed again the snack bar doors around 11:30am :)

I had to include some other funny pictures of Nora. She is getting so big and cracks us up all day long.

 My mom bought her a raincoat and she insisted on wearing it in the house with the 'hat' on.

Nora hasn't been the easiest to take to dinner lately. She will take one bite of something and then say 'All done!'

We gave in the other night because we had to finish our food. Notice her meal is basically untouched? She didn't even really eat the ice cream. Just being a picky toddler lately!

We finally had some friends over this week!
Nora always has a good time with George!

Lastly, Nora gets to indulge in whatever I'm craving. After her nap the other day we made a special trip for smoothies and sat on the porch together. I don't think she minded one bit!

We are just soaking up the last few weeks with just Nora. I'm so excited to see her in her Big Sister role but will definitely miss our one on one time together!

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